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January 2019

To man talking
one another


"Mom, I am going to the post office!” – says the kid.
“No way, it’s raining cats and dogs! I wouldn’t dare to even let the dog out. Daddy will go!”
Funny? Yep! 🙂 - and so true – say the people to whom I told this joke.

Does daddy count today?

I was nineteen when I decided to move out and live in a different city, a thirty minute drive from home.

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Anybody here?

In the dead of night, rain seeps from the low hanging clouds in total darkness. The refugees head towards the little town, step by step. They hope they will not miss it. Many more kilometers to go. They are still in the mountains. Exhausted and exasperated. Black thoughts set in more and more. Maybe the guide deceived them? Maybe he miscounted the mountain ridges. Maybe they took the wrong turn. God help us!

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