An empty dimly lit street in a city somewhere in the south of Poland. There is a car coming and in its headlights you can see a silhouette lying on the road. Despite all of the driver’s attempts to brake and stop, the car hits the person and the impact of the crash makes the car jerk. The driver stops and a moment later, without even leaving his car, he quickly drives away.

I regret…It is a true story, which happened some time ago in my home town. A group of teenagers were having fun at nights by making a doll of old rags and laying it on the road. The place and time they chose allowed this to go on for many weeks. During that time many drivers had to endure the nightmare of an accident.

The youth were hidden behind some buildings as they were watching adults’ reactions. To their surprise, after running over the doll, most of the drivers accelerated and drove away. Only a few stopped to help the ‘person’ they had just driven over and having discovered the truth – they were relieved but at the same time furious.

For a long time I was wondering about those who did not stop. Maybe up to now, they cannot sleep at nights, feeling guilty of “killing” or “harming” somebody and not stopping nor trying to help. They ran away.

What about you?

What do you regret today?

That you took too many loans?

That you did not take her for a date that day?

That you kept quiet instead of telling the truth?

That you did not spend your time with kids, lonely neighbors or your own dad, and now, there is no chance for it?

That you paid too little or too much?

That you told your wife she weighed too much?

That you listened to others rather than to God?

That you watched too much TV?

That you listened to Satan’s lies?

That you bought a house you could not afford?

Do you regret every minute spent on pornography?

Maybe you regret your past or wonder who you could have become if only…

You cannot change the past but you have a say about the future.

All of us have made mistakes. We are all sinners and we cannot pay off the bill on our own. Being men, we would like to do it on our own because we do not like to owe anyone anything.

No matter how big or small is your debt, you cannot pay it off yourself. In eternity there is no deferred sentence. When you stand in front of God, the sentence is given automatically – the wages of sin is death. Somebody has to die.

He himself bore our sins, in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.

1 Peter 2:24

Jesus did it for real. He paid for your sins with his death. He wants to set you free from the burden you carry so that you can live for righteousness today as well as tomorrow. You and I need to break our own pride to allow God to carry the cost and to pay the bill for our sins. If your life is filled with mud and it seems to you that all you did discredits you in the eyes of God, do not believe this lie! Cry to God to rescue you from the mud of your present life. Ask Him to place you on a solid ground. Do it wholeheartedly. Stop pretending! Talk to Him using your own words or say the prayer below:

God I have been living only for myself - in deceit, lying and pretending. I know how dirty I am inside.

I have sinned and I feel the pointlessness of my own life and I sense a great void within me. I am sorry that I was ignoring you all this time and I wanted to live my life on my own conditions. I recognize you, Jesus, as my Lord and I ask you to cleanse me from my sins and my addictions.  Take away all my lust and fear.

I want to trust you and start a new life. Thank you for paying for my sins on the cross. You freely gave your life so that I could live. Please guide my life, fill me with your Holy Spirit and use me.

I submit myself to You, God, Amen.

Stop, on the road in what you're driving, close your past and start a true life.

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