Some time ago for a few months I worked for a radio station. I learned a principle then: Good news are no news, bad news are good news!

Unfortunately everyday we are bombarded with negative messages. Bad examples. Falls of leaders. Pointless pain and suffering. It is impossible for good news to break through. And there are hundreds of examples of good acts of God!

About twelve years ago, after one of conferences where I was a lecturer, I was asked to send from time to time challenging messages to some of the participants. My first column which encouraged to follow Jesus along the narrow path reached 12 people. I never expected the ministry to develop to such an extent. Changed lives, renewed marriages, good godly decisions, inspirations for a great deal of sermons, hundreds of testimonies and thousands of readers show that God acts today and we want to hear that. Because good news are good news!

I wish to demonstrate to people that life with God is not boring, that it does not lack taste or emotions, that it is an adventure and a combat. I tell true or fictitious stories which are supposed to encourage people to trust God more, to confront their thinking with God’s Word, to change their way of thinking, to walk along the narrow path – to bring God joy and praise Him!

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Bogdan Pszczola

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