Some time ago, while reading the Bible with our children in the evening, we came across the story of Noah. What a guy he was! God would talk with him and discuss the construction of the newest “cargo-ship” or future weather anomalies. One day, God said to Noah “Go into the ark as in seven days it will start raining”. This last piece of information was very intriguing to us. Why enter the ark seven days before the rain starts? Wouldn’t it be better to enjoy the outside world for a little bit longer? For sure, there would be enough time to get bored with the ark and they could still enter it two days before the rain! Or a day before! We could picture the scene well, with the neighbors knocking at the door of the ark yelling:
- Knock knock neighbor! Are you all good in there? Does it already smell? Would you like a pair of elephants to help you move this ship? Seven days of waiting for the rain – seven days of mocking and scoffing, seven days of uncertainty and pressure.
To be like others
If you are born into this world you will not escape the pressure. It accompanies us from the day of our birth to our death. It is not all that bad, as without pressure, we would make plenty of mistakes. It intensifies the atmosphere, tests our character and the fruit of the Spirit – love, kindness, peace, patience.
Pressure can come in different forms: on a daily basis or from your family at family gatherings. It is hard to cope with it.
Pressure, frequently comes from the lips of our nearest and dearest telling us:
- Be like others! Be normal!
- What are you wearing?!
- When will you finally get married?
- When will you have a child?
- Why don’t you get a better job?
- Look at X, he’s achieved something in life – what about you?
- Y bought a car, and you? You still drive this old wreck?
- Have you seen it? Y built a house! You should too!
By applying pressure, the world wants to force us into certain rules and regulations, giving us the cards we would have to play with. It tries to force us into a mold, squeeze, smash and re-form us, so we could fit the world’s mold. So you could stay busy earning money, satisfying your own whims and other people’s expectations. And all this is aimed at diverting our attention from God and His purposes.

If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.
John 15:19

One day I decided I do not want to be a friend of the world. I do not want to be like others. I want to be a friend of God – not His enemy!
I decided that I want to
- talk about the Savior,
- be like John the Baptist,
- be like Paul,
- be like Abraham,
- be like Noah,
- be like Jesus and that is why I want to be different from others.
Being a child of God means you will always be different, because heaven is your home.

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