God, I would like to thank you that I have not cheated, hurt, robbed or murdered anyone today. Thank you that I have not coveted my neighbor’s wife nor done any of these things… but now I really need your help because I am getting up and going to work.

I guess many of us have experienced more or less stormy conversations with our wives about our work. You don’t earn enough, you come back home too late, you go to training with who-knows-who or you are too involved to stop thinking about work.

The atmosphere around work gets thicker and thicker and, as if it was not enough that the work itself is not easy, you have to fight for it at home. That is why I was not surprised when in a study (supposedly a Bible study) I read that work is a consequence of sin – it fit me well. So I started developing negative thoughts about it. Although my work would give me a lot of joy, despite the reality and myself, I started to complain about it.

One day I became job-less. A sudden farewell with my employer forced me to join the lines of the unemployed. I hoped it would be a great time, but it was not. I felt awkward and every day it was getting worse and worse. I felt not needed and worthless like an unnecessary part which is left after the assembly of a motor.

Having more time I started reading the book of Genesis, and I came across a verse, which read:

The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.

Genesis 2:15

Wait a second – I thought – so God gave work to Adam before sin appeared. What is more, before Eve appeared. So work is not a consequence of sin. It is the purpose to which God called man. It is a part of us, a built-in need and desire. Work is a part of being a man. That is the way we were created by the One who never makes mistakes. And as God gave a job to Adam, so He also gave work to each one of us.

What would God want you to do? What is His job for you?

God wants us to live in a way so when getting up on Monday morning we could say “Thank God it’s Monday!”

P.S. Work can also become a trap, in the same way as sexuality, but that is a different story.

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